Join us for Huddle Meeting Wed. 4/3/19 – American Legion at 6pm

We are meeting this week to view 2019 Huddle/Fan Merchandise from Irish Tees, discuss Spring Fling, and review and secure committee leads. Meeting minutes are posted as well as an overview of our organizational structure and committees. We need your help, please join us. Here is some information about the Huddle and why we need your involvement:

  • What is the Mattoon Huddle
    • The mission of Mattoon Huddle is to unite the community, players, coaches, staff, alumni, and friends of Mattoon High School Football as a Team in an organized supportive effort to promote excellence.
    • Mattoon Huddle shall support the program by increasing community spirit in order to provide athletic opportunities that allow each student-athlete to grow as a player and a person and to be better equipped to meet challenges on the field and in society.
    • We intend to work together to:
      • Financially support the Mattoon Green Wave Football Team
      • Unite the community as an extension of the Mattoon Football Team
      • Seek excellence for the Mattoon High School Football program
      • Increase community spirit and participation in MHS Football
      • Assist the coaching staff to ensure the long-term success of MHS Football
      • Enhance the game day experience for players & fans with tailgating and spirit activities
    • Sponsorship has helped the Huddle purchase to name a few-over $5,000 a season for away game player meals to feed the team, Helmets, banners, flags, team travel gear, end zone video system, coaches wireless headsets, conditioning sleds, heavy ropes, lineman chute


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